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Mana Pools

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About Mana Pools

World Heritage Site, Core Area of the Middle-Zambezi Biosphere Reserve, Important Bird Area, and one of the wildest of Zimbabwe’s National Parks, situated in the extreme north of the country.

The Park has special significance for photographic tourism. It extends for a distance of some 50ms from the Zambezi escarpment mountains, through the flat floor of the Zambezi valley to the river itself, its focal point being the system of alluvial river terraces, up to 3.5km wide, which flank the Zambezi River along the park’s 50 km river frontage. This narrow and fertile strip of land supports mature woodlands of magnificent “Winter-thorn” or “apple-ring” acacia, mahogany, ebony and fig trees. In the dry season, the shady glades beneath these huge trees, are filled with huge concentrations of African wildlife – herds of impala, eland, elephant, zebra, buffalo, waterbuck and kudu – a plentiful supply of prey for the lion, leopard, wild dog, hyaena and other predators and scavengers that inhabit this unique and wonderful place.

Leopard with fresh kill

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