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The guided bicycle tours are done in three trips – morning, mid-morning and afternoon. Each tour lasts about 2 hours. The terrain in the area is generally fairly flat (no mountains around), but a few inclines are to be expected in a few places.

Please bear in mind that it can get extremely hot in Victoria Falls during summer (check our calendar), so of all the trips to pick from, we would recommend the morning tour best, but it still can be quite arduous. If you have a slightly energetic nature and a bit of extra time in the Falls we would recommended doing this activity.

The trip begins with a pickup from your pre-arranged meeting place (usually your lodge or hotel in town) to The Lookout Café. You meet your tour guide and this is where bikes and water bottles are issued.

Your tour starts with cycling along the Batoka gorge with the raging rapids of the Zambezi River down below. Your guide takes you down to the upper river, into the wilderness and past the Big Tree – a famous massive baobab tree which is said to be over 3500 years old. Your guide will share his knowledge of the unique fauna and flora of the region. Keep an eye out for impala, warthog, monkeys, baboons, an abundance of birdlife and even the mighty elephant!

The cycle route takes you alongside the perennial Zambezi River where you will stop at scenic viewpoints along the way, while enjoying the ambience of the river and its surroundings.  It’s hard to believe that this seemingly placid and innocuous river will be transformed into a terrifying torrent of water a few kilometres downstream!

You cycle to the Victoria Falls Bridge, for a perfect photo opportunity to supplement your photo album. Finished in 1905 on the command of the arch imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, it was part of his vision to create a train network running from Cape Town to Cairo. Rhodes also wanted visitors to feel “the spray in their faces” as the train puffed across the Zambezi. This relic of history remains an important road link between Zimbabwe and Zambia. You break here to appreciate the transcendental beauty of the Falls and marvel at the rainbow that stretches across the foaming torrent of water – the perfect place to capture the moment on camera! Take in the view the impressive Batoka Gorge below the Falls.

Your route takes you into town where you get the chance to explore the local craft market, or other areas of the town centre.

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